Michele Laroque: Famous “daughter of” who met François Baroin, her partner for 15 years.


Michèle Laroque’s 63rd Birthday

Michèle Laroque is blowing out her 63rd candle this Thursday, June 15th. The occasion to take a look at the actress for a few moments, she who recently separated from François Baroin. To recall, the tandem officially announced their relationship in the summer of 2008, just as the politician was coming out of a two-year relationship with journalist Marie Drucker. He is also the father of three children, born from his previous story with journalist and presenter Valérie Broquisse.

The Meeting

They met thanks to a famous “daughter of”, while Line Renaud was celebrating her 80th birthday in Paris. It was indeed Claude Chirac who was at the origin of their meeting. In the show Une ambition intime, in 2019, the founder of Sidaction had returned to the backstage of this thunderbolt in 2019, and in particular to the minutes that followed the presentations. “It was the end of the evening, the music was still going and suddenly I see Michèle dancing cheek to cheek with François … Hop, there it is,” the mythical actress had remembered, confirming this meeting in Une ambition intime, the M6 show.

The Relationship

The two lovebirds, however, chose to keep their romance secret for a while. “It is true that we rarely show up together. I am delighted to blur the tracks,” the actress said in an interview with a magazine in 2017. A couple who were living the present moment, without any worries or concrete projects. They have never even mentioned the idea of getting married. “If I agreed to marry a man, it would be a great progress in my life. But I will never let anyone tell me what to do again! (…) I intend to remain free!“, the actress confided in 2008, already to the magazine. She was then determined not to repeat her mistakes of the past, she who has already united with a man by the bonds of marriage. This was with the stage director Dominique Deschamps, the father of her daughter Oriane, born of their love in 1995. It should also be noted that mother and daughter seem to have very good relations. They were notably seen very complicit in the stands of a tournament a few days ago.


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