Michele Zarrillo got married, secret wedding with Anna Rita Cuparo before Sanremo 2020


Michele Zarrillo holds on to his private life, so much to advertise only on the occasion of the Festival of Sanremo 2020, with some months of delay, got married. The singer, 62 years old, tied the wedding in secret with the historic partner, Anna Rita Cuparo, after twenty years of living together. Has unveiled Ofmore Tv:

We did this for our children: it is one more guarantee for them and it was also a way to unite the family. We were married in the town hall and it was nice to celebrate with friends and family.

Why is the marriage of Michele Zarrillo remained secret

“I wanted there to be a secret but now I am betrayed,” said Michele Zarrillo, that he sang on the stage of Sanremo without faith finger, “I don’t like to use my love life to talk about me. This is why you will never find pictures of me and my wife together. And I don’t want to take photos with my children.” In fact, there are no images that portray them and the information on the wife of the singer are very few. We know that Anna Rita Cuparo of the profession is a cellist, and that he is 23 years old in less than Zarrillo.

The children of Michele Zarrillo and Anna Rita Cuparo

The children of the couple are two of them: Luke, born in 2010, and Alice, born in 2012. The singer is also the father of another child, a daughter named Valentina, born from a previous relationship. The latter is 37 years old and has made his grandfather Zarrillo: she is mother of a child of three years.

Michele Zarrillo in Sanremo 2020

Zarrillo is back in the race at the Sanremo Festival, for the thirteenth time, and performs with the song “In moments of ecstasy or in the mud”. In career, has scored a victory in 1987, among the New proposals: curiously, he was included in that category, despite having 15 years of career behind him and had already participated two times at the festival as Big.


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