Michelle Hunziker, baby diaper changing & funny “impermeable” moment


The Joys of Being a New Mom

Michelle Hunziker’s video tutorial called “The Fate of Fathers and Grandfathers of Boys” has gone viral: it has been watched over 2 million and 300 thousand times on Instagram alone. The presenter, overjoyed that her daughter Aurora has become a mother of the little Cesare, entertains the audience with hilarious skits which her colleagues comment on with great sense of humor. In particular, she performed a diaper change with a pee-proof raincoat which – as tradition dictates – did not prevent her from getting splashed. The same happened with the diving mask, which a fan thought looked like a Love Bugs sketch. Tommaso Zorzi, one of Aurora’s best friends, confesses: “I feel sick”. Ambra Angiolini echoes: “I need Cesare even for the plants in the terrace”, followed by a tender emoticon with heart-shaped eyes. Meanwhile, Aurora Ramazzotti, who calls the little one “banano”, is thrilled about her first train ride with the baby and her partner Goffredo. After documenting her entire pregnancy, now she shares on social media the challenges and joys of being a new mom. As she describes it to her 3 million Instagram followers, her routine goes like this: “07:00: smiling wake-up07:30: music session with toddling and questionable dances08:30: the convinced mom that he is a prodigy child tries out sensory games to stimulate him, dumbing him down with all sorts of voices09:30: mealtime10:00: Screams as soon as he’s done eating in the hopes that someone will give him a few more ml to enjoy (like grandma would have given in right away)10:15: sometimes turbulent digestion11:00: napRepeat“.

The Encouragements of Grandma Michelle

Aurora is right: Grandma Michelle easily gives in to her grandson’s face, which she described as an “indescribable emotion”. Recently, Mrs. Hunziker shared a photo of her with Aurora in her arms, leaving her one of the countless encouragements for this new adventure: “In a few months you’ll be replicating this photo with your baby in your arms… you’ll also be a young mom and you’ll grow up with your son just like I did with you… it’s amazing!!!! A really special birthday this, my love. You’ll be celebrating your 26th with two hearts beating inside of you… I love you infinitely❤️ Mom”.

A Full Life of a Showgirl

The 46-year-old showgirl, however, has very full days, not only at work, but also as an entrepreneur and mother of three cubs and two other daughters, Sole and Celeste (had during her marriage with Tomaso Trussardi), after her separation from Eros, with whom she is still connected by a deep friendship.


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