Michelle Hunziker, outburst of jealousy against a girl drunk: “don’t touch my husband”

Touch them not in his Tomaso Trussardi! In love as on the first day of the entrepreneur lombardo, Michelle Hunziker confides in the weekly ‘Today’ a tantrum of jealousy that occurred some time ago, when a girl has ‘dared’ to approach dangerously close to her husband. “They are jealous, ugly, is stronger than me, even though over the years I have learned to control myself,” says the showgirl, switzerland, early in the run of ‘Friends with Celebrities’, “But Thomas is jealous and it is normal so…”. Been married for 5 years, have two daughters, heaven and Sun.

Michelle Hunziker is jealous of Tomas, that tantrum!

Michelle says that usually Tomaso not to be too jealous, but that night, the closeness too much of another woman, she sent on a rampage. “I have to say that Thomas doesn’t give me reason to be jealous – he continues – is a serious man, but one night at a party a girl drunk was a little too glued to him and I was innervosendo. When he put a hand on the knee, I have seen, I went up to her and I said, “but how dare you touch my husband?””.

Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi in crisis?

The bluster, however, it was short lived. And between the two soon returned to the serene. So much so, that the last summer has been for them in the name of love. “I spent stuck to the girls, and I have enjoyed my family,” says Michelle. That belies the rumors of crisis with Thomas: “Are outputs photos of our argument, we have so much rice for the photo because when I journal, I have made impression: I didn’t believe to be so angry. I had an air so aggressive that we are, and exploded to laugh all and two… all humans even us we have a fight and it is good that you know. The nice thing, however, is that we make peace in a hurry”

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Michelle to Friends Celebrities: “Mary called me at the beginning of the summer”

Then tells us how he conceived his endowment to conduct the”Friends celebrities”: “Mary phoned me at the beginning of the summer to ask me what I thought of this new talent. It seemed like a chat as well, of pleasure, and I told her the truth, that was a brilliant idea. At that point, after a while, Mary said to me: “Michelle, then you don’t understand! I want to lead you”… we will See the public how to react. I am so happy and sparkling, but with the usual nod of the beginning”.

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