Miguel Poveda emotion talking of his 8-year-old son.


Miguel Poveda’s Contribution To Causes

Miguel Poveda, whenever he can, contributes his grain of sand to causes that are worth it. The latest one was People in Red, the charity gala held at the Barcelona National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) to raise funds for AIDS research and other infectious diseases. The Badalona-based artist, based in Estepona (Málaga), performed several songs and shared the stage with Joan Manuel Serrat. Andreu Buenafuente was the master of ceremonies and chef Nando Jubany served dinner to the 750 guests at the gala, which raised more than 800,000 euros.

Miguel Poveda’s Family and Career

SOON: You return to your land for a good cause. MIGUEL POVEDA: Yes, it is a pride to be from Badalona, a city with a lot of art. Being here, supporting the People in Red gala, makes me feel very useful. P.: Do you have any family or friends affected by AIDS? M.P.: Yes. The disease is controlled, but still many people are dying. Fortunately, thanks to science, there are also patients who receive treatment and can lead a normal life. P.: What has been the best of your 35 years of career? M.P.: Being able to make music, being in contact with people and feeling that you are doing something that stirs. Making music is a privilege. P.: A career that you combine with your father’s facet. How are you with your son? M.P.: I try that Angel grows with values, free of prejudices and with a lot of love, music and culture. Miguel Poveda embracing his son. P.: He is 8 years old. Would you like him to follow in your footsteps? M.P.: That he follows his heart and does what he wants. I will always advise him well and I will instill good values. If he wants to be a singer, we will see how he sings. P.: It must not be easy to be a father and mother at the same time… M.P.: Well, it is something that many people do today. The important thing is to take care of the children with love.

Miguel Poveda’s Opinions

P.: Surely Ana Sandra, Ana Obregón’s daughter-granddaughter, will not lack either. What do you think of her decision? M.P.: I respect all opinions and I do not know her case in depth, so I will not comment, but I invite everyone to know mine, my American family, my son and how my life is. There is a lot to know about surrogacy, but well, you have to endure the showers. P.: Those who always have to do it are the Eurovision candidates. What did you think of ours? M.P.: Blanca Paloma is wonderful, an artist with a lot of talent. I think she has wood to endure in music for years. P.: Give me projects that you have in hand. M.P.: I alternate my tour with the filming of a documentary about Federico García Lorca and a record of his poems, which will be released next spring.


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