Mimie Mathy : the concert of the Enfoirés will they be cancelled ? She responds

Asked in the columns of the magazine the Two of Us, Mimie Mathy is entrusted on the troupe Enfoirés. Hence it revealed that if the next concert, scheduled for January 2021, would be maintained.

Mimie Mathy



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The epidemic of coronavirus has had a significant impact on the world of the show. The gatherings having been banned for a time, many concerts and tours had to be cancelled. Enough to provoke the anger of some celebrities, as was the case of Matt Pokora. “It’s really hard not to be able to go on stage, go and see my public. You know how I work like a dog for two years to prepare for a show like this with my teams, to provide you with the most beautiful sight possible (…) It is just human to be disappointed, to be frustrated not to be able to do what I love most in the world “, had been the singer of 34 years during one of his previous appearances on stage. But then, the shows will resume little by little, many are wondering if the traditional concert of the Enfoirés, which takes place every year towards the Christmas period, will be maintained. In fact, between the celebrities and the members of the technical team, it requires a lot of world behind-the-scenes. Not to mention the close proximity to

The concert of the Enfoirés is in preparation

Emblematic Figure of the troupe Enfoirés, Mimie Mathy has agreed to talk on the subject in the columns of the Two of Us. Except that she does not really know more than the other… ” It is as if everything was going well, as if we were going to do everything normally. It is difficult to predict anything with the coronavirus”, conceded the companion of Benoist Gérard. For the time being, everyone seems so up for a new tour for the benefit of the Restos du cœur. But the culmination of the concert as expected will depend of course of the evolution of the virus. For its part, the star of Josephine, Guardian Angel is very pleased to have found a good atmosphere in the troupe founded by Coluche. While rumours of tension had emerged in the departure of Jean-Jacques Goldman, it ensures that everything is now back in order. “We have managed to rebuild a team and to allocate roles”, welcomes the actress, 63 years of age. A complicity found that should be felt on stage !