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Miraculous rescues from Spain’s worst storm: DANA.

The Devastating Storm

The DANA (Depression of High Levels) that has plagued Spain in recent days has been catastrophic. This combination of torrential rains, storms and violent winds has caused havoc in homes, roads, bridges, and has caused the loss of crops, as well as the evacuation of hundreds of people who have seen their homes destroyed by the force of water. The DANA also claimed lives, with three dead and three missing at the time of writing these lines.

Miraculous Rescues

In addition to the dark stories of destruction and mourning that this DANA has left us, two miraculous rescues stand out that offer a ray of hope. The first is starring Ethan, a 10-year-old boy, whose father is among the missing, while his mother and sister managed to save themselves. Ethan, in the arms of a Guardia Civil agent after his rescue. The boy survived after the car he was traveling in with his family was dragged by a flood of the Alberche river. Ethan, somehow, managed to grab the branch of a tree, which he climbed and resisted, clinging to life, all night. He was rescued after his cries for help alerted a neighbor and the Guardia Civil. The story of Felisa Olmos, a 73-year-old woman from Buenache de Alarcón, is also an inspiring testimony. She and her husband lived moments of panic when their house was flooded. Felisa, 73, was rescued in extremis. “I thought I was going to die,” she declared afterwards. While her husband looked for help, Felisa was trapped among the objects of her home with the water up to her neck. The agents of the Guardia Civil arrived in time to rescue her, providing a happy ending to a situation that could have been fatal.

Hope in the Face of Tragedy

The devastation caused by this storm is undeniable, but the stories of Ethan and Felisa are a reminder that there is always hope in the face of tragedy. Despite the losses and sorrows, these two stories of courage and resilience offer us a glimmer of hope for a better future.



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