Miriam Leone single convinced: “I don’t fall in love with time”

Beautiful and with a career full of successes, Miriam Leone is not so lucky in love. Single time, the actress revealed to Vanity Fair, having received several low blows from the point of view of the sentimental: “I suffered for love before you can understand what is love”.

A rarity, so to see the former Miss Italy: “romantic love, perhaps unrequited, is a good fortune that happen a few times. That brief is a whole other story that not always life is worth living. Not I fall in love a long time“. The memory of old loves, however, is full of pathos: “Most lacked in physical contact, the more I struggevo. Love at a certain age it was like this: repentance and pain. ‘I’ll never be at the height’, I said to myself while the beauty of the moment, unsuspecting, I went in front on a moped”.

Miriam Leone: “children and Family are not on my horizon”

Single convinced, Miriam Leone is not the frantic search for the right person. “In my fridge there is always a lemon, throw – he has told yet, ironic – was Born yellow, it becomes green, then makes the mold. The single life, gentlemen, is so. The aunts, however, the kit of the wedding hand embroidered, beautiful, they put him conscientiously aside. One day, they say, I will: but only if I marry. Do not give up, them.”