Miriana Trevisan: “Pag has suffered much for the end of the story with Serena Enardu”

Miriana Trevisan was the guest of Caterina Balivo that in the episode of ‘Come to me’ aired on Rai Uno on Monday, 9 December, he told himself, clarified the last statement made about ‘it is Not the Rai’ and reaffirmed the beautiful relationship that binds us to Pay, her ex-husband and father of her son Nicholas.

With his participation in ‘Temptation Island Vip’ singer was among the most controversial protagonists of the chronicles rosa and the media of the moment because of the end of the relationship with his girlfriend Serena Enardu, a topic addressed by Miriana in the study of Rai Uno. “He has truly suffered for his girlfriend lately, and I also talked about, we also talk about our private things,” said the showgirl: “We esteem a lot, we have a child together that we love so much, then there is a good relationship, their loving and our son feel very”.

Miriana Trevisan has never had a relationship with Serena Enardu, having a view of the very few times, and knowing it only because of the relationship she had with his son Nicholas: “Over the years that he was with her, I have not had the opportunity to get to know her, because she lives in Sardinia and when Nicola goes on holiday in Sardinia and I go,” he said: “I met one once in an airport, however, my son has always told me that when he saw her she was beautiful and sweet”.

Excited to see the old photos with Pag and with his son, Nicholas, Miriana Trevisan told to have a memory very nice of the period spent with him, but also their now separate their lives linked by a deep affection that is not projected to a hypothetical return of the flame.

Miriana Trevisan is clarity in regard to his statements about “bullying” on ‘the Rai’

The showgirl, in addition, from the study of ‘Come to me’ it is excused with respect to the improper use of the term ‘bullying’ in reference to the relationship with the former girls ‘is Not the Rai’ spoke in the radio program ‘The moody blues’: “There was only healthy antagonism,” he said.

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@mirianatrevisan is clarity in regard to his statements on the presence of “bullying” to “is Not the Rai” #VieniDaMe @caterinabalivo

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