Miss France 2020 back in Guadeloupe : a hero’s welcome for Leniency Botino

It’s good to get home ! On the night of Monday 13 to Tuesday 14 January, Leniency Botino is finally arriving in Guadeloupe, where the expected hundreds of people, ready to celebrate the new Miss France 2020 !

Last December 14, at the Dome of Marseille, Mercy Botino succeeded Vaimalama Chaves by winning the scarf of Miss France 2020. A consecration for the young student in art history and a native of Guadeloupe. But if she looked forward to becoming the 90th Miss France, Clemence Botino was the first to face the cruelty of the social networks. Disappointed not to see their little protected profits, Lou Ruat, Miss Provence sacred first runner-up this year, many internet users have fiercely criticised the physics of Leniency Botino. As it did when tensions were being felt within the group of thirty candidates for the title, Miss France 2020 has simply chosen to ignore the missives foul-smelling, preferring to devote himself to his new role of beauty queen habs.

Mercy Botino and Ophély Mézino a place of honour,

On the contrary, Vaimalama Chaves, who had experienced all the sorrows of the world to live away from Tahiti,Mercy Botino is a veteran of the Metropolis. After a brilliant passage in an international school of Miami, it was in Paris that the young woman moved to continue his studies of art history at The Sorbonne. Far from the sun of his native island. So naturally, his return to the house, a month after his coronation resounding, was the sensation ! The reception was triumphant at the airport of Pointe-à-Pitre, where Leniency Botino arrived at the side of Ophély Mézino, first runner-up of Miss World, she is also a native of Guadeloupe. As shown in the images shot during this magical time, several hundred people were present for the return to the sources of the two beauty queens. A triumphant finish to two young women triumphant !

The images of the triumphant arrival of Miss France in Guadeloupe pic.twitter.com/wFIWxhWppk

— BFMTV (@BFMTV) January 14, 2020