Miss France 2020 : Clémence Botino says more about his relationship with Sylvie Tellier

Last December 14, Leniency Botino was elected Miss France in 2020. A new role for which it is headed by Sylvie Tellier, director of the comité Miss France. And between them, everything rolls.

She was born in Baie-Mahault, in Guadeloupe, there is almost 23 years old and yet it is at the Dome of Marseille that her life changed forever on December 14th. Mercy Botino, Miss Guadeloupe 2019, was elected Miss France 2020 in the face of Lou Ruat, yet great favorite of the competition. Once the new crown glued on the head by Vaimalama Chaves, Mercy Botino has started his race. For the Christmas holidays, it was entitled to a little respite. A break in which she took the opportunity to visit with his family in Guadeloupe before you find the one with whom she lives almost now : Sylvie Tellier.

Always at his side

Interviewed by The daily la Provence on Tuesday, January 14, Miss France 2020 if it is assigned on the relationships that it maintains with the director of the committee. A presence without which Mercy Botino – and all the Miss – lose feet : “It is a little bit my mom this year, she said. She’s going to accompany me, help me, advise me, guide me. This is important, because it is not easy to enter in this world “. A familiarity that began at the time of his coronation : “I had the chance to see it the first week with his family and my close friends. It has helped to create a certain closeness. It’s going very well, we see each other often. We have to be more and more together over the year.” Evidence that Miss France is beautiful and well a large family.