Mister France 2020 : blackmail sexual, cheating… one candidate shouted to the scandal


Unfortunate candidate of the election of Mister France 2020, Alexis Villain, Mister Centre-Val de Loire, has dropped a bomb by claiming that the election was “rigged” and that the committee did not hesitate to sing sexually the participants.

Thunder on the planet, Mister France. Saturday, 11 January took place, after two years of absence, the election of the most handsome man in the country to Paris. A contest at the end of which Thomas Cornelus, Mister Occitania, 2019, won the scarf of Mister France. The representatives of the regions Guadeloupe and Corsica, Nicolas Morvan and Daniel Ferreira, also respectively ranked third and second place of the podium. A result that is deemed scandalous by Alexis Villain, Mister Centre-Val de Loire.

Denunciations in mess

The contractor 26-year-old has posted a video on his account Instagram in which he does not hesitate to set fire to his own scarf, by way of a ” rigged election where the winner had less than 2% of the votes of the public.” Alexis Villain went so far as to say that the committee Mister France asked for ” candidates to sleep with [its members] to be successful “.

Contacted by RTL.fr chosen in the Centre-Val de Loire has detailed his comments : “The voting system was unacceptable. There was no usher to check. The online voting only counted for 20% of the total between the public vote in the room and one of eight jurors. We knew it ten minutes before “. The votes are manipulated according to him : “I had bought half of the seats in the room for my family. […] There were eight members in the jury. Six came to see me to tell me they wanted to vote for me, but they have not been able to because I was not in the fourteen finalists. François Deixonne [organizer and owner of Mister France, editor’s note] didn’t want me “. Alexis Villain revealed that he had “refused to sponsor the competition” thanks to its box, which would not have pleased Francis Deixonne…

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Behind the scenes of the world of Mister France ! Finishing myself in the top 3 of the public votes, the jury of the day of the election I was confirmed to have voted for me and not including the final results, the jury praising my delivery had not understood the deliberation (not of bailiff to control). I have not even had access to the podium because the promoter preferred to elect a person with less than 2% of the public votes, who is in his region, and who has been elected for the past 2 years… Having refused requests and as heard from the boss in mister France to finance their group through my company or to pass under the table I was rejected even before the final. It is shameful, and I understand why the committee miss France does not want to hear the committee’s mister France. #misterfrance #mistercentrevaldeloire #misterfrance2020 #alexisvillain #mister_france_officiel

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