Mommy Multitasking: Aurora Ramazzotti & Social Media Controversy


A lesson in multitasking for all mothers.

Breastfeeding, caring for your feet, getting a blowout: all at the same time? Not for Aurora Ramazzotti. She has revealed her secret to her followers: “Mommy multitasking is the key”. Michelle Hunziker’s eldest daughter, now a mother of the newborn Cesare, shared an Instagram post of her breastfeeding while a hairstylist was styling her hair and a beauty expert was doing her pedicure. The result? A picture of a mother taking care of herself and her baby. As usual, the post sparked a great debate among her followers. Many praised Aurora for being able to take care of her baby while still taking care of herself. “How many times as a mother I have been in your place! The key is always Happy mother, happy baby… and mom is happy too when she feels good looking in the mirror” wrote one user. “Finally a mother but above all a woman who does not neglect herself having a small baby” commented another.

Many mothers highlighted the fact that being a mother does not mean you have to forget your own needs. But there were also other comments. “If someone has regrowth it is because he cannot organize the day because in addition to taking care of the baby he cleans the house does not sleep at night and prepares lunch and irons for the rest of the family not because he does not want to take care of himself…” wrote a follower. And there were those who pointed out that the economic situation and the management of the baby can make a huge difference.

Aurora’s post triggered a lot of reactions, as expected. She even had to intervene to explain that the baby was with her. The photo of Aurora at the hairdresser with her baby attached to her breast made it clear that she had not left him behind. A lesson in Mommy multitasking for all mothers.


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