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Monaco School Day: 1st Day Photos of Jacques & Gabriella

Twin Princes of Monaco Return to School

The twin princes Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco have returned to school. Wearing their school uniform and with their backpacks on their shoulders, the little ones arrived at the entrance of the Catholic institute François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré accompanied by dad Alberto and mum Charlène Wittostock after the summer holidays. The 8-year-old twins, both wearing blue trousers and a red polo shirt with the school badge, are attending fourth grade, after following a combined first and second grade class in 2021.

Prince Alberto Denies Divorce Rumours

The new appearance of Charlène and Alberto, this time as a family with the twins Jacques and Gabriella, comes a few days after the prince’s latest outburst against gossip that increasingly insists on painting him as one step away from divorcing his wife: «Charlène is always by my side», Alberto clarified in an interview with Corriere della Sera. «She had some difficulties a few months ago, but now, thank God, it is all over. She supports me in the guidance of the Principality, then we are not attached to each other 24 hours a day, we are also a couple who works and work allows us to see each other only at the end of a long day full of appointments». Alberto wanted to deny the recent rumour that Charlène would live alone in Switzerland, away from the [Royal Family’s] life, and would see her husband, when protocol requires it, «only by appointment»: «I don’t understand all these rumours that hurt me, they are all false», the prince assured.

Prince and Princess Reunite in Public

Now the [Royal Family] has returned to be seen in public, serene and smiling, on the first day of school of Jacques and Gabriella. But even this new appearance, of course, will not stop the rumours that have been circulating for more than ten years, putting Alberto and Charlène one step away from divorce.



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