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Monica Cruz: Parenting Makes You Wiser

Life and Driving: Monica Cruz’s Perspective

Both on the road and in life, Monica Cruz prefers to be prudent. After 10 years without driving – she stopped when her daughter was born – she has now returned to it and enjoyed the presentation of the new electric vehicle. When one has children one becomes more prudent. I do everything with a head. Just in case…

A Wonderful Relationship with Ex Miguel Angel Muñoz

SOON: You must have been surprised at Miguel Angel Muñoz’s daring as a race car driver. MONICA CRUZ: I told him: “Don’t even tell me. When you finish, call me and tell me you’re okay.” I would be incapable, but from him I’m not surprised. I have had a few and with whom I have a longer lasting relationship is with him. And the truth is that it is beautiful.

Returning to ‘UPA Next’ and Projects with Daughter Antonella

P.: How is the return of ‘UPA Next’? M.C.: I am very happy. With my daughter we watched the original series together. I was excited to share it with her 20 years later. She liked Lola! And I told Bea about it. P.: What projects do you have? M.C.: I am preparing ‘The Challenge’, and I’m having a great time. I am discovering things about myself that if it weren’t for this, I would never have done. P.: Has Antonella told you if she likes acting and wants to be an actress? M.C.: No, she is small, she is 10 years old. She draws very well. P.: Have you already seen your brother-in-law dressed as Triton in ‘The Little Mermaid’? M.C.: Yes, it’s a great movie. And Javier is spectacular. He can do whatever he wants, the guy is always good.



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