Moser: “Giulia De Lellis is the right woman for Andrea Damante”, then reveals a background

Ignazio Moser , and Cecilia Rodriguez, in an interview with the weekly ‘Chi’, they were called upon to say in the flashback between Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis. The two are close friends of the couple. Could not help but notice that, despite everything that happened between the Damellis, have found themselves for the third time. Then Ignazio Moser has revealed a behind-the scenes.

Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis are back together

It is now official: Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis are back together. Thus, it seems that the former suitor of Men and Women have forgiven the betrayals of her boyfriend and is ready to give another chance to their relationship. Ignazio Moser has said in this regard:

“Andrea has had a lot of fun in these years. Then there comes a time when life tells you nothing. Before knowing Cecilia, I spent four years single, and I say that life should be made not to have any regrets but does not leave you much, maybe even Andrea has figured out that his place is where he is now. They are impartial on this issue, but if it is the third time that he will return with a person at the end is she, the woman, because if it is the past, everything had to go, and Andrea and Giulia are still there, it means that there is something strong between them”.

Then, it has unveiled a behind the scenes. Andrea Damante, seeing the intense love story of Ignatius and Cecilia Rodriguez, he would understand that in her life something was missing: “I Remember when Andrea called me to go out and I was at home with Cecilia, and he understood that he was missing something, I hope it is the right time for him to stay well.”

Cecilia Rodriguez on Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante

Also Cecilia Rodriguez has expressed his opinion on the relationship flourished anew between julia and Andrea. Considers that the De Lellis is the great love of Damante: “I’m in favor of love. I don’t live in their head, but, if they can not do without each other, this is the right way. I trust Andrea? We are young and everyone wants to enjoy the opportunities that life offers him, he is very much desired, and that is the game so long, growing up, he has not found the great love.”