Motherhood Alone: Uncovering Emily Ratajkowski’s Definition


On this Mother’s Day, Emily Ratajkowski commemorated the occasion with two nude shots taken by Renell Medrano in the bathtub, just before becoming a mother. The model shared a heartfelt message to all mothers, praising them for their “love and dedication.” She wrote: “This is to celebrate all the silent and invisible work that no one often sees. I’m proud of you moms: your love and dedication could be the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Emily Ratajkowski is the mother of Sylvester Apollo Bear, Sly in the family, born on March 8, 2021. Her relationship with her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard ended in March of this year, after five years of marriage. Though there are rumors that she is close with Harry Styles, Emily has not made any plans for the future sentimentally. Instead, she has decided to freeze her eggs in order to have the possibility of motherhood alone, even without a man by her side. She explained: “Many of my friends have frozen their eggs just to have a little more time, to pursue the career they want, to meet the potential partner they want. I love being a mother, I think I would like to have more children. But I’m not sure I’ll find someone I want to raise a child with.”

Emily Ratajkowski’s message is clear: motherhood alone could be the best option before 40. With her eggs frozen, she has the possibility of becoming a mother again, even without a partner. It is a testament to the strength and determination of all mothers, and a reminder that motherhood alone is a beautiful thing.


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