Mourning for Enrique Iglesias, who killed the stepfather because of the coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus is touching now around the world, it is not unusual to hear that even some well-known personalities in the world of entertainment have had to fight against this invisible enemy that is putting everyone to the test. The announcement of Enrique Iglesias on the social is therefore added to the list of those names that you have had to react against the force of this disease. The singer had to say goodbye to his stepfather, Carlòs Hawk.

As a tribute to his stepfather, Carlos

He had 83 years and only since a few days, he had discovered to be positive for coronavirus, but unfortunately didn’t make it and he died in a hospital in Spanish. Intense pain the one that the pop star is the Latin american has had to take on, and as soon as he could he wanted to share the news on social networks, where he writes: “We are going through difficult moments, and this emergency has affected many people, including my family. It is time to stay home and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. I send you a strong hug and I hope to see you again soon”.

The message of the sister of Enrique Iglesias

Carlòs Falco had married the mother of Enrique Iglesias, Isabel Presyer, when he was only 5 years old, made the memories of his childhood are linked to that period. From the relationship between the two was born a daughter, Tamara Isabel Falco, the half-sister of the star of pop and Latin american, which has a following in Spain as she was a character in sight. Only a few days ago he posted a message on his profile in which he described his relationship with the father, hoping for eventual healing, writing,: Dad, you do not have Instagram, but as always, check out everything that I do, I want you to know that I love you and you’re the best dad you could wish for”

We are going through tough times and this emergency has touched a lot of people including my family. Let’s stay home and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Sending lots of love and strength,🙏🙏 . Estamos passing tiempos dificiles y esta emergencia has alcanzado a muchisimas personas incluida mi familia. Es time de quedarse en casa y estar brown de vuestros seres queridos. Os I send a fuertísimo abrazo y espero riser muy pronto. Mind! 🌎

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