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Muriel Robin on Pierre Palmade, her ex-friend: Video of her frank talk.

Muriel Robin Speaks Out

Promoting the play Rabbit written by Samuel Benchetrit, alongside Pierre Arditi, Muriel Robin could not escape questions about the terrible accident caused by the one who had been her friend for more than three decades. With calm and carefully choosing her words, which are no less powerful, the actress answered the questions of the presenter of C à vous Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine during the show on Tuesday, September 5th. Nearly seven months after the dramatic car accident, the one who had been his most famous acolyte took the floor.

The Victims of the Accident

Briefly questioned by BFMTV in March when she was awarded the Raymond Devos centenary prize, she had explained that she thought first and foremost of the victims. Then, a few days ago, she accepted to come back more precisely on the state of her relationship with the controversial actor on the airwaves of RTL: “I could say that I am no longer his friend.” On the set of C à vous, she detailed her thought: “There is what people have heard, seen and then there is what I know, what I have seen, what I have heard, and which is not at all in favor of Pierre Palmade.” Repeating that she is no longer the friend of Pierre Palmade whom she had loved “for two”, the wife of Anne Le Nen added on France 5: “I can look at myself in the mirror.” Humorist Pierre Palmade (55 years old) seriously injured a family in a road accident on February 10th in Seine-et-Marne under the influence of drugs, he was indicted for “homicide and involuntary injuries” in a state of legal recidivism.

Pierre Palmade’s Legal Status

Initially hospitalized, he who had suffered a stroke two weeks after the crash, saw his judicial control being alleviated at the end of June and he no longer has the obligation of 24-hour hospitalization, but he must continue his care and is prohibited from contacting the victims or driving a vehicle. The accident caused three serious injuries: a 38-year-old man, his 6-year-old son and his 27-year-old sister-in-law, who lost her baby after the collision. In custody, Pierre Palmade, who has been struggling with drug addiction for decades, admitted to having consumed cocaine and synthetic drugs before getting behind the wheel. Seen in a nightclub in June, he had a doctor from the addictology department of the Bordeaux CHU confirm that no trace of drugs was detected in his body. After this strong controversy, he had taken the heavy decision to be hospitalized again, then informing the sentencing judge in order to be totally transparent about this choice which only belongs to him.



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