Music Elodie, or Elodea, diva modern crazy all (and all)

In the context of what was supposed to be the Festival of Sanremo, dedicated to the women (as in the “annunciation” of the artistic director Amadeus), the queen came out of her. The entrance by the Cardinal, Elodie has left the stage from the Pope. Not so much for the victory proclaimed, and then not reached, but because of the media coverage obtained at the peak of a career in construction – brick on brick – for a long time. A bomb of talent and sensuality triggered on the stage of the Ariston, which has not spared anyone. Neither the radio the most popular, ipnotizzate by the sound of his ‘Andromeda’ (which boasts the genesis of Mahmood to the texts and Dardust to the music) and his latest album ‘This is Elodie’, or a living radical as those of Daria Bignardi, among the first to grab an interview with the round of new diva of the Italian music. A consent, unisex, women, men hypnotized in front of the tv in front of so much personality and beauty. Another that Andromeda, the more the Goddess in the facts.

The trick is in the modernity impeccable of the person and the character. The right woman at the right time. That, in this way it seems more like a luck, but behind which lies a strategy that sought and pursued. Diva electronic Ariston, the interpreter of sounds more contemporary that the panorama has to offer, including urban pop and r&b, Elodie Di Patrizi is perhaps the first Italian artist to be able to ask in terms of the media as the female response to the proliferation of a rapper, trapper, and singer-songwriters, urban, with a past in the suburbs and a present protagonist, with all its load of themes that are as the frailty and redemption. Mix the professional and the human winning because it is perfectly coherent for her that comes from the Quartaccio of Rome (“I Live at the Quartaccio, magno drink, and shop”, we read on the walls of the district). If we then put a pair of legs that I miss Belen Rodriguez, two eyes cat more between telegenic of the concept of telegenia, here is an added value in terms of fascination. A bit of a Rihanna Italian.

The road in question, it was said. And reached after having traversed several. The output from the ‘Friends of Maria De Filippi’ in 2016 – where, in fact, he had already won the coach Emma Brown, sergeant of the iron, and where, in the midst of so many teenagers in puberty, already stood with an unsettling hair shocking pink – had paved the way. Or rather, he had before him the most obvious: the talent show, then the Sanremo music festival with ‘All my fault’, then the traditional rise in the context of the bel canto in the Italian style. And yet, when everything seemed to go right, when the music began playing, Elodie has stopped the orchestra in march 2017 announcing the break by Francesca Savini, manager of Emma, who up to that time had cared for the interests. And gives way to a new career path. “Emma was my ” Linus’s blanket”, said then, “But I’m not used to lean a long time, and terrified me the idea of being dependent on her, confusing esteem and emulation. I had to fly without a parachute”. Shortly after, the beginning of a professional path alongside Fabrizio Giannini – between the pillars of the discography, nostrana, manager of Tiziano Ferro – , then the release of some hit singles like ‘Black Bali’. Even with him, however, breaks after a few months: “In a peaceful way. I wanted to make a certain path and he for me had in mind other plans.” And a new beginning next to Max Brigante: “With him I was able to locate the correct direction to take”. That has led to the Sanremo 2020.

‘This is Elodie’ is already in the name, the manifest of a balance reached. Between the urban, hip hop, reggae and soul, between the collaborations of weight with the Fiber, Neff, Dardust, Takagi & Ketra, Michele Canova and Big Fish and the faces in the launch ramp as Margherita Vicario. The label is right in not giving oneself labels, favoring a world of Italian music is in constant evolution. “And’ as if it were my first disk, because I worked at 360 degrees, from the choice of the authors to that of the image,” he recounted, “The songs have a different script than before. I have tried together with the label to understand how to do, who to talk to, which artists you choose. There we put two years. The producers said that they are an interpreter, but I want to interpret something that is similar to me”. Make the difference also a new marketing strategy behind the launch of the album. For the first time, in fact, a disc ‘sanremo’ is released prior to the festival, exploiting the flexibility of streaming platforms and the idea has become evident that the albums are not collections of songs from the tracklist immutable, but can be updated at will. Make a race to grab Elodie, now, even the sponsors: many “acquisitions” in the last few months: from the underwear brand to those of telephony, from the cosmetic product to a brand that dedicates a line of sneakers.

Emblematic of modern times is also his story of redemption in the era of precariousness. The mother is a former model originally from the French Antilles, the father is a street artist. “Stories of heartbreaking I have to packages,” he confided, with a great sense of reality and concreteness (and a few concessions to the rhetoric). “To me the idea that the trouble I could bring down on me your anger, nothing could take away my joy. I always thought that I would have found a way to take from life what I wanted”. 19 years ago, the cubist Lecce, the profession that in the past it was the mother and that “his prejudice”. There, in that context, splitting hands and phones” to those who think they can take advantage. “Came the ones that made you the video from below or you touched the ankles, but I know’ forced and I was violent. There is the village I served. There were also those who looked at me with pity, of the series ‘But how did you reduced’, but I mica I was stealing, in the end I enjoyed it, life is a game”. In Puglia, the young Elodie Di Patrizi flies because “I’m in love with a man older than me, but only after I realized that I went way to escape. It’s a bit as if I had found an excuse”. Who, in those years, in Lecce was there, recalls it as “The girlfriend of the man who ran the local, capable of bringing to the city the true beauty”. Envied by all as a modern Cinderella. “At the time I looked at the vocalist, and I envied – he confessed to her – or Rather, not envy, because it is not for me. But I suffered, and inside me I said: I also want to do it. I was no longer enough to move and that’s it. I wanted to sing”.

Fully in line with the trend of our times, even the look: androgynous and bold at the same time. That so much affects the female audience in terms of fascination and emulation. Ever the romantic, always pop, sometimes in a jacket and tie, as at the red carpet opening of the festival. A toccasa in the era of the gender fluid. To dress her up in Sanremo, Versace, irreverent and electric, but is also the muse of Fausto Puglisi, style, erotic and eccentric. Goodbye to the long, flowing hair, welcome short hair, very short. On the stage of the Ariston Elodie does not need a fold flimsy that it enhances the facial features to shine, but it ‘restricts’ to a hairstyle wet-look effect that few can afford. Do the rest is an innate sensuality, and enhanced by the cuts mischievous clothes. And, in front of a primadonna so, couldn’t that be the height of the love story. The Cinderella modern (that is, self-made woman) who falls in love with a prince charming who is the man most wanted in the scene: the rapper Marracash. All and all, call him with reverence as the ‘King of rap’, she enables us to call him simply ‘Fabio’. “When I saw it for the first time Fabio I was embarrassed,” he said. To then state: “And I will not be spoiled for ever”.


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