Nabilla Benattia clashe the JLC Family, Jazz and Laurent replicate !


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Decidedly, the JLC Family is a lot to talk about. Jazz and Laurent are controversial and are often at the heart of many conflicts. Lately, this is Nabilla Benattia, who has mocked them. It is on his Twitter account that Nabilla Benattia has shared a collage showing that the JLC Family would have taken the same statue purchased with his beloved Thomas. In the caption, she wrote :

Warning against counterfeit products.

Jazz tackle curtly Nabilla Benattia

Far to let it go, Jazz was then held to answer to Nabilla Benattia, the taclant violently in the passage.

Apparently it follows us closely. Obviously, one has the rating, rating, rating. Sorry to tell you that this statue is not in us. After I congratulate you on your single purchase of Dubai, seen as the rest of your life, it is the rental. Or pardon, should I say, product placement.

For his part, Laurent, companion to Jazz, also wanted to intervene mocking of Nabilla and Thomas that he considers as a part of their fans.

It also showed that Thomas Vergara was blocked on Instagram, which seems to be the fact a lot of laughter. Most importantly, it has shared screenshots of a conversation he could have with him who did not hesitate a second to tackle Tarek, the brother of his wife.

Lawrence has also shared an exchange of text messages with his beautiful mother, which explains the attacks that they receive by jealousy.

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