Nabilla happy : the mother of Milann sharing a very large new

It is with great news that Nabilla has appeared on Instagram on Tuesday 31 march. The young mother revealed that her son, Milann, six months old, is making great progress…

The October 11, 2019, the life of Nabilla has totally changed. At the age of 27, she became a mother for the first time with her husband, Thomas Vergara. A pregnancy extremely documented by the star discovery in Love is blind, who did not hesitate to reveal, on a very regular basis, the photos of her belly which rounded eyes. It is therefore on social networks that Nabilla and Thomas have of course announced the arrival in the world of Milann. And since then, the young parents are still very active on the web to give news of their son. Confined all three in their home in Dubai, Nabilla take the opportunity to pamper to the bottom of his little boy, in order not to miss any moment of its growth.

“It begins when even say small words”

And 31 march, it announced a very important news on Instagram : Milann is on the point of speaking ! While the toddler of almost six months was in the process of babbling, the sweetheart Thomas asked him what he was saying. Of course, Milann has not replied to his mom, but it is ecstatic to the rapid evolution of his son : “I have the impression that he begins to speak. It begins when the same as to say small words. Since this morning he starts to say small syllables, it is weird, it grows fast these beasts-there !”. On the other hand, the young mother gave a warning to his son : “Don’t forget to tell mom first. You promised !” Remains to be seen whether Milann will honor the wish of Nabilla… in a few months probably.