Nabilla soon surgery of the chest : it takes a great decision for Milann !

Nabilla Benattia’s arrival in Los Angeles on 23 July, to undergo a surgery of the breast in a few days. On Snapchat, the star explained that it had taken an important decision for the well-being of his son Milann.

Nabilla Benattia



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A few months ago, Nabilla Benattia, Thomas Vergara and Milann were finding home in Los Angeles. Fans of the couple were then many to wonder if they had decided to leave Dubai and settle in the United States ! Finally, parents of Milann are back in Los Angeles, for a period of one month, since July 23. The reason for this ? The star of the reality tv must be done to operate the chest on Tuesday, 28 July, because, due to surges of milk, her breast implant was damaged. “I wouldn’t change the size”, warned it in the month of June. “I think I’m having a bit of trouble, but I have already done this operation there for nearly ten years. I had bad but good I don’t have the choice, it is a medical reason. There is nothing that will change it in my chest, it’s just going to be a bit swollen at the beginning but after it deflates, so here after I’ll rest,” said Nabilla on Snapchat, on 23 July.

“I’m still going to undergo a major surgery”

Concerned about the consequences that could result from his surgery on his small Milann, the star has taken a great decision. “I planned to have a nanny, it is a friend of my mother Geneva who lives here, because I couldn’t wear my son, with the operation. I don’t know if I could get up…”, has detailed Nabilla. “Her dad is there but if ever, I still expected someone to that it lacks nothing. I’m still going to undergo a major surgery,” insisted the star discovery in Love is blind. Then, to his little Milann lack nothing, the sister of Tarek Benattia had everything planned before their arrival in Los Angeles. It was particularly ordered toys, strollers, and other items necessary for the well-being of the little boy. A mom who is really ready to do anything for his son !