Nabilla Vergara Shines in Sparkling Gown at Cannes with Husband Thomas


Nabilla Vergara, one of the most renowned influencers in France, first became known from her appearance on the small screen, taking part in a few reality TV shows. It was in the program “Love is Blind” that she was first broadcasted on TF1. Later, she was featured in the 4th and 5th seasons of the Angels on NRJ12, which was when her popularity skyrocketed due to her famous phrase “Non mais allô quoi!”. Subsequently, she had her own reality show on NRJ 12, while also taking advantage of her fame through social networks. Currently living in Dubai with her husband Thomas Vergara and their two children Milann and Leyann, Nabilla attended the Cannes Film Festival red carpet on Saturday, May 20, 2023. She was accompanied by her husband, whom she had met on the set of Angels on NRJ12. Thomas Vergara wore a classic black suit and a pair of sunglasses, while Nabilla Vergara was wearing a magnificent Jean Paul Gaultier archive 2020, perfectly highlighting her voluptuous chest. This outfit was certainly the talk of the town, as it lit up under the flashes of the photographers. Nabilla has been a regular at Cannes for a few years now, invited by the festival’s organizers. Each time, she stands out with her iconic outfits, even when pregnant with her children. This year, however, she almost did not make it to the event, as she had revealed on her Snapchat account that she was ill with the flu, and had lost up to four kilos. Fortunately, she was still able to fulfill her commitments and make it to Cannes.


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