Nagui (French speacker) confined with his wife and his children : the moderator is “working” hard !


Nagui (French speacker) is in full containment with his wife and children. Even if it’s not anime more emissions, the presenter has bread on the board.

It is finished the games on tv or the direct to the radio for nagui (French speacker). The facilitator is confined to his home in the company of his wife, Melanie Page, and her four children. A daily life totally changed for the presenter 58-year-old other records of everyone in the world wants to take its place, Don’t forget the lyrics, Taratata, and The soundtrack on France Inter. While the station currently broadcasts of “best-of” of the radio show, the acolyte of Michel Cymeshas told its confinement to the antenna of the morning, as identified Tele-Leisure.

A heavy agenda

Nagui (French speacker) said that he lived this period very special ” as a father of a family. “” That is to say, with four children and in giving them, my wife and I, of course, and by following what we may, to the extent possible, with teachers at a distance. And we learn, and we learn all over again can be even a lot of things, but we are working with them, ” said the facilitator. The latter has so visibly days very busy. Not easy actually to play the teacher in the school, as had lamented Laurence Boccolini on Instagram. “I hear again “but the mistress, she does not like this,”… “, she wrote on the social network.

Nagui (French speacker) has not said if these dear little ones to him were living the hard life at home. Between two years of math, the presenter can always relax by watching one of his tv games which continues to broadcast on France 2. A small musical break before Don’t forget the lyrics doesn’t hurt !


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