Nana Mouskouri Diagnosed with Feared Cancer: Refused to Discuss


Nana Mouskouri Faced Pancreatic Cancer

One day, I will leave, maybe not for a long time,” Nana Mouskouri confides in an interview for Gala magazine, as she talks about the stage outfits she will be parting with at an auction in aid of the Hospital Foundation on 19 June. These are not words said at random, as the 88-year-old star has faced illness. She reveals for the first time that she has faced pancreatic cancer. Without making an announcement but revealing the information as part of her interview for Gala, Nana Mouskouri explains that she fought a pancreatic cancer eight years ago, which she had not revealed before, focusing on her fight in complete privacy: “I never wanted to talk about it. It was in 2015, I was coming back from Australia, I had chemotherapy for eight months.” This ordeal has not dampened her optimism: “I know that when you are sick, you must never lower your arms. You really have to fight.” This is a cancer with a worrying prognosis, according to Professor Renato Lupinacci, Pancreatic Surgeon at the Ambroise-Paré Hospital (APHP-Université Paris Saclay) in the Journal des Femmes: “Pancreatic cancer is the most deadly digestive cancer, the specialist states immediately. We have an overall 5-year survival rate of less than 10% for all stages combined.”

Nana Mouskouri is Still Full of Energy

The illness, or any other health problems, have not taken away the overflowing energy of the artist from Greece. “At the end of 2019, I had surgery for peritonitis,” says the Greek singer and politician, who nothing seems to be able to stop, and who was seen radiant in Monaco for the “Maria Callas” Awards ceremony last May. If she is not saying goodbye to the stage, she is saying goodbye to the most beautiful dresses that have accompanied her throughout her career, so that it can serve a noble cause. She has chosen the one presided over by Brigitte Macron, the Hospital Foundation, and takes the opportunity to praise the presidential couple whom she admires. Only two dresses by Per Spook for Louis Féraud will be kept by her children from her past marriage to the musician and producer Geórgios Petsilás, Nicolas, 55, and Hélène, 53, as they have an invaluable value: the interpreter wore them when she was pregnant.

Nana Mouskouri and Her Husband

The difficult moments, which she never takes off her glasses, she has gone through with her husband André Chapelle to whom she makes a tender declaration of love: “We got married in 2003, under the insistence of Jean-Claude Brialy, my great friend and witness. With André, I have known him since 1964, he has become my producer. If I hadn’t had him, I wouldn’t have done everything I have done. We are still in love. When he is there, I am well. I am afraid of losing him. And it’s the same for him. I am very happy to have found him. Or is it him who has found me, I don’t know…”


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