Nana Mouskouri health: Years of pain marked by illness, she speaks openly.


Nana Mouskouri: A Fighter

Nana Mouskouri is a fighter. The 88-year-old star recently announced that she faced a painful pancreatic cancer in an interview with Gala. A disease that she faced in the greatest silence, as she told our colleagues. “I never wanted to talk about it. It was in 2015, I was coming back from Australia, I followed a chemotherapy that lasted eight months,” she said.

The Singer’s Battle Against Illness

On Friday, June 2, 2023, the singer returned to her battle against the disease in the Figaro. The interpreter of Pleasure of Love made known that she had “a peritonitis in 2019”, four years after her cancer. “My doctor calls me his ‘champion’,” reported the singer who recently put up for sale her most beautiful stage outfits for the benefit of the Hospital Foundation. In 2021, Nana Mouskouri once again came into contact with hospitals to be treated after contracting Covid-19. “In 2021, I experienced a very serious Covid with double pneumonia. I spent several weeks in the hospital in intensive care, then I followed long treatments at home,” she said.

A Positive Attitude

Despite the illness, the singer remains optimistic. “I know that you must never lower your arms when you are sick. You really have to fight,” she added in the pages of Gala. Despite the illness, the Greek singer and politician does not let herself be discouraged. Proof of this is, Nana Mouskouri attended the Maria Callas Awards ceremony last May, on the Rock. The mother of Nicolas and Hélène Petsilas decided to donate her stage dresses to the Hospital Foundation presided over by Brigitte Macron. On the other hand, the former politician took care to keep two Per Spook dresses for Louis Féraud, because she was wearing them when she was pregnant. When asked about the passing of time and the loss of her close friends, Nana Mouskouri promises that, unlike Dalida, she does not wish to “die on stage”. “I think of my poor audience who loves me and who would be so sad to see me die singing in front of their eyes. When I get on stage, I always have to be well and everyone has to be happy,” concluded the former wife of Geórgios Petsilás.


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