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Napoli Scudetto Celebration: Stefano De Martino & Emma Marrone don’t speak on stage, but singer explains why.

The Mega Event Dedicated to Napoli’s Victory

Location: Naples, Maradona Stadium. Stefano De Martino hosted the mega event dedicated to the victory of his team, Napoli, Italian champions. Many singers were invited to perform, including Emma Marrone, De Martino’s ex (the two had fallen in love in 2000 at the Amici school, where he was a dancer and she was a singer).

The Interaction Between the Two Ex-Lovers

How was the interaction between the two ex-lovers, whose story had ended disastrously when Stefano De Martino had started cheating on Emma Marrone with the attractive Belén Rodriguez? Basically, the two didn’t talk at the Neapolitan event. Or rather, Emma sang and, at the end of the performance, De Martino shouted her name, raising a rain of applause from the audience. “Thank you, thank you, always forza Napoli,” Emma shouted, greeting the crowd. And then she ran away, without saying a word to the host of the evening.

The Answer from Emma Marrone

On social media, some followers were perplexed, considering that a few weeks ago Emma Marrone and Belén Rodriguez had posted selfies from the Le Iene TV studio, showing themselves smiling and complicit. Perhaps, however, what Emma Marrone had never really gone down with was the unfaithful behavior of her then boyfriend. Or maybe, as a user on Instagram joked, she just had to run away from the stage in a hurry after she had finished singing. Emma Marrone herself gave the answer and dispelled any doubts, creating a story on Instagram in which she declared in reference to her hasty exit from the stage: “I simply didn’t hear Stefano’s voice. But no frost between us. I am so proud of him, he was great at keeping the stage, it was an amazing evening.” In all this, Stefano De Martino’s wife, Belén Rodriguez, was at the side of the stage cheering for her husband.



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