Natali Germanotta is the sister of Lady Gaga: she was the stylist of A star is born

It is used to conquer overwhelmingly the scene thanks to the sharp look and impact, and perhaps not everyone knows that behind some of the heads of the jedi and with success by Lady Gaga there is a stylist par excellence: his sister Natali. Yes, because Stefani Germanotta, the real name of the artist, has often collaborated with her sister in a much less famous but equally brilliant. Natali is the one who has kept the costumes of the film A star is born that has seen Lady Gaga play next to Bradley Cooper in the film that has blown up all over the world the gossip according to which you would be in love on the set. Behind the movie which earned the artist the Oscar for best song there is the sister, a former student of fashion design and become a fashion designer.

Who is Natali Germanotta

Born in 1992 in New York, Natali 27 years old and lives in United States. With the sister, famous share parents, Joseph Germanotta and Cynthia Bissett and adolescence, lived in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He studied fashion at the Parsons School of Design in New York and, prior to that, he shared with the sister school, catholic all-girls Convent of the Sacred Heart School. Active in two sectors that are completely different, but that are both rooted in the world of art, have made equally proud father, a businessman of sicilian origins, which have the singular surname. “I am really so very proud of Stefani and Natali” said dad Joseph in the course of an old interview in which he celebrated the achievements of both his daughters.

Natali and Lady Gaga are working together

Lady Gaga and Natali have collaborated during the making of the film A star is born, but not always, Stefani relies on the expertise of her younger sister. Interviewed by Teen Vogue, the designer said that she would like to work for the sister, possibly without having to bear the burden to cure her clothing. “She changes 50 times a day,” he explained, giving the reasons for its decision. Different in the choice of the profession, the sisters do not share even the style. What Birth is more dark and sober, less eccentric than the one that Lady Gaga likes.