Natasha St-Pier : his son Bixente with a heart defect, its reassuring news

In an interview published on 19 August in Gala, Natasha St-Pier has given news of her son Bixente, who was born with a heart defect. The singer is happy to confide that her son is doing better.

Natasha St-Pier



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Difficult for a parent to attend to the illness of her child. Natasha St-Pier has unfortunately made the charges. Born with a heart malformation, the small Bixente has spent the first few months of her life in the hospital under the anxious eye of her parents. At the age of four months, the little boy was operated on his heart. Incredibly proud of his son, the interpreter of You will Find had confided in the columns of the Gala on the battle of her boy.

Bixente is a survivor, he obviously had the will to get out”, it pointed out when Bixente had been healed. Very pious, Natasha St-Pier has recently entrusted to the Parisian to have turned to spirituality to help overcome this challenge. ”When my son was sick, I had a great confidence towards the doctor who operated. But this is a man, and like all men, he can make mistakes. I needed to believe in something more powerful”, explained the canadian singer.

“He can live up to 90 years”

This 19 August, Natasha St-Pier gave an interview to our colleagues from the Gala. The singer, whose latest album Believe is released on August 14, spoke about her son’s illness with serenity. “He is in great shape,” says the mom of Bixente. “It is considered a ” full cure “, it still has a problem with his pulmonary valve, but it is followed“, she stressed. However, the boy must always be followed by a cardiologist once a year. An evil for a well, since Bixente “can live up to 90 years in this state without any problem”. A mom incredibly attached to her son, to such a point that she has dedicated the song My heart, your heart will be in his last album.