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Natasha Stefanenko: Husband bet to get me in bed in 48 hrs

A Couple Unaffected by Gossip

Love between Russian host Natasha Stefanenko and businessman Luca Sabbioni has lasted for almost thirty years. The two got married in 1995 and in 2000 their only daughter, Sasha, was born, seen on TV with her mother in Pechino Express 2022. In all these years, no gossip has ever touched the Natasha-Luca couple. Their secret? “We like to have fun and find beauty even in difficult things. We are a team, in everything and for everything.”

The Bet That Started It All

Yet, as the showgirl recently revealed in an interview with the Corriere della Sera, their story did not start off very well. In fact, when they met at a Marta Marzotto fashion show – both were working as models at the time – he “made a bet. He would take me to bed within 48 hours. He too had a prejudice: a serious Russian was not possible. He lost the bet but was brave enough to confess it before anything really happened between us. He revealed that he had bet a pizza, but when he had seen me in a swimsuit he had added the champagne. Proud as I am, if he had won the bet and I had found out, I would have said goodbye to him”. That was 1993. Two years later they got married.

The Difficulties of Making Love Last

And today Natasha and Luca are among the strongest couples in the entertainment world: “The only real marital crisis was in 2000, when our daughter Sasha was born. I was out of my mind, I didn’t want to know about sex, I only cared about my baby,” the showgirl said in an interview a few years ago. Adding that then she “understood how to make love last”: “If it breaks, it needs to be repaired, not thrown away. Unfortunately, it is not easy to have the patience to fix a relationship”. Natasha and Luca apparently succeeded, as evidenced by the romantic social images of the couple. The latest came just one day ago, on the occasion of his fifty-fourth birthday. “Simply you. Happy birthday my love,” wrote Stefanenko on her Instagram profile accompanying a series of photos that retrace their love.



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