Nathalie Baye publishes an adorable declaration of love to his daughter, Laura Smet

In loving mom, Nathalie Baye has released on the social networking an adorable photo of his daughter Laura Smet, accompanied by a text just as cute.

If there’s a term that describes the relationship between Nathalie Baye and Laura Smet, it is ” love “. Far from the play showbiz with his daughter, in an environment where the look more premium than the be, Nathalie Baye is not the type to simulate. In an interview she granted to Marie Claire, the actress of The balance is said about Laura : “She lived a childhood special, with known relatives ; it is not simple. The gaze of the other is terrible. It must be very, very strong to build in these conditions. I’ve also learned to be caring, to keep it free of any bias and to work, work. “All the advice that Laura Smet has followed to the letter. “It is tender, Laura, deeply kind and very strong,” added Nathalie Baye. It now has a rigorous incredible. It is finished with all his demons. It is even a real militant anti-addiction.In the past five or six years old, she goes to the meetings and it leads to those who need it. Free nights, it is now the sun that she was. Laura is a beautiful person and, in addition, very funny. “

A photo of Laura in black and white

Always in this tender dynamic vis-à-vis his only daughter, Nathalie Baye has just offered a pretty declaration of love, spontaneous on the social networks. It is on Instagram – more particularly – that the actress has expressed. We discover on the thread of photos a black and white photograph of Laura Smet, the lifted hair, topless in overalls in jeans and holding in her arms her dog Chaplin. Accompanying this snapshot full of grace, a simple sentence sentence love : “My little heart that I love. “What do melting more than one of his followers ! “Even if, of course, in the early days of my breakup with Johnny, there was a period of uncertainty, I have done everything to ensure that this happens smoothly vis-à-vis Laura, explained Nathalie Baye in Marie Claire. It has long continued to go on vacation all three. Ideally, it should succeed in its disunity, in the same way that it has succeeded in its union. Johnny and I have been successful. “And what they have built is more beautiful – Laura – does.

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My little 💗that I love

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