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Nathalie Renoux, 52yo, bravely takes on a wild challenge in a swimsuit.

Nathalie Renoux’s Summer Adventures

For more than ten years, Nathalie Renoux has been inviting herself into the daily lives of the French with 19:45 and 12:45, the M6 newspapers. But in summer, like many, the journalist takes well-deserved holidays. And this year, she chose to set her sights on a very original destination, namely Norway. In this Scandinavian country with its many riches and incredible landscapes, Nathalie Renoux has thus accepted to do without the summer heat. But regardless of the only ten degrees counted there, the pretty brunette seems to be having the best time of her life! Indeed, as she shares on Instagram, Nathalie Renoux is simply amazed by each of the discoveries she makes in Norway. And there, she even accomplished great challenges. Over the weekend, for example, the 52-year-old presenter literally jumped into icy water.

Nathalie Renoux’s Adoption Story

In pictures, she revealed herself beautiful in her one-piece black swimsuit, sinking into the sea, with a smile on her lips. Through her various posts, Nathalie Renoux never indicates whether she made the trip with her partner – and boss – Matthieu Neau, or with their children Manuel and Juan. Two children aged 19 and 13 and adopted after being born in Colombia. In an interview with Télé Star published in 2015, she opened up about this procedure that changed her life. “My husband Matthieu and I could not have biological children, so we turned to adoption. He was ready before me. Then one day, I read a testimony in the press where a journalist recounted her journey. That was the trigger. I then understood that I had to go towards this, knowing that this choice would lead to something concrete and happy. And indeed, two children arrived in our home.”

Internet Users React to Nathalie Renoux’s Adventure

“Mamamia”, “Fearless Nathalie!”, “What a brave one!”, “The water must be cold!”, “Wow, I’m freezing!”, they commented. Images that easily impressed the Internet users.



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