Nathanael of Rincquesen victim of a STROKE : this decision it has taken to avoid a new accident

Last may, Nathanael of Rincquesen has almost spend. The victim of a STROKE, the journalist of 47 years has fortunately released. An accident that made him see things differently.

“On may 1st, I woke up at 3 in the morning to go to work at Télématin, as well as every day for the past thirteen years. When I got home […] we chatted, we laughed, and then I saw their faces freeze abruptly. My girlfriend Caroline touches me and pulls me away from the mouth a biscuit appetizer. It was understood that I was having a STROKE and immediately called the rescue ” showed Nathanael of Rincquesen in Paris. A glitch of the health journalist of 47 years has fortunately released.

A new job time

Guest this Wednesday, January 15, in the issue of Philippe Vandel on Europe 1, Nathanael of Rincquesen is aware of being passed to two fingers of death : ” I made a STROKE as a few hundreds of thousands of people each year. I had the luck and the happiness to have a companion who was next and who immediately called the fire department “. According to him, his STROKE is due to a slower pace of life in charge : “This is the next logical things. We don’t get up at 3 in the morning for 13 years without leaving a few feathers “. Nathanael of Rincquesen has so arranged his schedule to avoid at any price put his health in danger : “Now, I sleep in the morning, I arrive at the office around 14: 30 and I take the antenna up to 21 hours, up to midnight. This is another rhythm of life “. A change is most crucial.