Natural bronzers: four recipes for them at home

There are solar that are good for our skin as well as protecting us? Yes, they are the natural ones. Or better to those we can create at home with our own hands. Just ask the salve-maker all of the ingredients (and their quantities) to be able to realize”We have many clients who like this approach of diy solar”, tell Roberta and Francesca Strong, the owners of the herbalist in the Field of Flowers of Milan. “The great advantage of these protectors is one that does not contain chemical filters that often prevent the formation of Vitamin D.

It must be said that they are not formulas waterproof but have a protective factor real that is given from the essential oils”.

The natural tanning are also safe for those who have a skin problem, say the salve-maker: “do Not damage the skin, does not clog because the filters natural not cross the epidermal barrier and therefore cannot give rise to dermatitis or dermatoses, except for allergy proven one of the components. Also, moisturize and nourish the skin thanks to the high number of vitamins and minerals present in the oils that preserve it from premature aging caused by UVB rays”.

Here then are four recipes to produce a diy solar, one for an after-sun soothing to the smell of patchouli.

Tanning for sensitive skin, dry and mature skin
100 ml oil of Tamanu, which acts as a shield from photo-aging, 10 drops of Vitamin e, And seven drops of essential oil of carrot, which has a natural spf 35/40 and two teaspoons of zinc oxide, the substance soothing effect that prevents the passage of the UVB rays that burn the skin and the reddened. Combine all the ingredients in a jar, mix and leave in the dark and closed for the night. Apply it every day before and during exposure to the sun.

For skins that are already tanned and to set the color and keep the tan longer possible.
100 ml of olive Oil and Walnut, which, being rich in tannins darkens the skin, 50 ml of coconut oil, which has a natural filter spf 6, 10 drops of Rose Damescena, regenerating and elasticizing, 7 drops of Neroli or bitter Orange, soothing of the skin. Mix all the ingredients together and you can immediately apply multiple times per day.

For dry skin, with couperose, delicate
100 ml of shea butter, rich in saponins, which create a protective film on the skin and form a barrier against external aggressions, 20 ml oil, Avocado oil, extremely rich in good fatty acids that have a high nourishing action, 20 ml of oil of seeds of red raspberries, with spf natural 35/40, five drops of the essential oil of chamomile and five drops of Washing. Mix the ingredients and then leave them to rest a night before application.

Solar for acne skin care
100ml Argan Oil, rich in omega 3 6 and 9 not fat, not more than 30 ml vitamin E oil 10 drops essential oil of chamomile and 7 drops of essential oil of carrot sebum-balancing spf 35/40.

After-sun regenerating
100 ml of st. john’s Wort Oil, soothing and antiscottature, 50ml of gel of aloe pure, refreshing and riepitilizzante repairer of excellence, 5 drops of essential oil of patchouli, a decongestant. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, deep, stir and apply directly on the skin.