Nicola Vivarelli: “The women I come in contact, respect for Gemma Galgani I avoid the temptation?”

Nicola Vivarelli, alias Sirius, it is told on the pages of Men and Women Magazine. In this moment, he is spending the summer holidays away from Gemma Galgani. The winds, however, said that there is a devil in the heart: “Is indelible in my mind the first time I saw you after a long wait, a meeting of glances and exchanges of emotions. I seemed to live a fairy tale. How can we forget…”. In the past few days, Nicola had vented on social underling feel the lack of the Gemstone.

26 years old, Nicola, 70 years Gem but it is not a problem

Nicola Vivarelli has reiterated that the large age difference between him and Gemma Galgani is not a problem. He has 26 years old, the lady of the Throne Over the ne 70. Thanks to her, Sirius claims to have discovered the pleasure of dealing with a woman who has more experience and is, therefore, more aware:

“I have been, from the beginning, pushed to know Gem , not thinking of the age difference, but looking beyond. I am appreciating of this knowledge, the continual wants to which I compare myself with a woman that is more aware, more experienced, and self-esteem. A person with whom I relate with more maturity, talking of everything and with the certainty of being understood and listened to as I understand and listen to her.”

Many women contact him, but being away from the temptations

After the participation to Men and Women, so many women contact him on the social or stop him on the street. Nicola Vivarelli, however, you are taking away from the temptations, avoiding even to attend the local clubs: “it often Happens that being contacted on social or stopped when I go out, all I try to respond in a more spontaneous way, but – apart from this – the rest out of temptations, and avoid frequent night clubs unless an invitation that I received one evening in a disco in versilia. In this moment I feel the need to spend more quiet”. Finally, he clarified that he does both for consistency and for the respect of Gemma Galgani. You will look around only when will understand that their knowledge does not have the ability to turn into a relationship:

“I keep myself at a distance, first and foremost because I want to be consistent with myself and with the choice I made and of course also in respect to the Gemstone. Just in case our knowledge does not lead to a relationship, then I will begin to look around“.