Nicole Mazzocato out with Thomas Teffah, the man who has taken the place of Fabio Colloricchio

Nicole Mazzocato out in the open on social with Thomas Teffah, the man that took the place in his heart was occupied by Fabio Colloricchio until last January. The former suitors of Men and Women, today, influencer, public on Instagram the first photo, which sees her posing next to his new companion. The shot has made the full of like, also because it marks a turning point in the love life of Nicole, her free herself from her previous relationship, became a topic of discussion, especially recently.

Who is Thomas Teffah

Thomas Teffah is a model and knows Nicole for years. It was the Mazzocato, on the occasion of a recent trip to the Maldives, to confirm him all the time. The relationship between the two should be ahead by a few months. When Nicole has posted the first photo on the net of Thomas, one of his followers asked if it was not already married. “But he married a little while ago! Already married and already with her from January? I hope I have got it wrong,” wrote one user in the comments, by encasing the response of the same Nicole: “But you’re out? Has never been married and was not even boyfriend. But who is it that invents these things?”.

Also Fabio Colloricchio page has turned

Colloricchio, like Nicole, is going ahead. Competitor of the Spanish edition of the famous Island, is living through days of burning passion with Violeta Mangrinan, his partner in adventure. On the Island is left to go to confessions the not-too-flattering account of the former partner, describing their history, as a period is not always happy with his life: “The history with you has been hell”. Piccata the replica of his ex-girlfriend: “We were in very good relations and we greeted each other with beautiful words (before he left for the island). When they called me from Spain aggiornandomi of the things that she said, I have not understood anything, I don’t know why you talk like that, I don’t know if they affect the dynamics of the program or the fame…but frankly I don’t know what happened”.