Nicoletta Braschi, wife of Roberto Benigni, the muse of the ‘good morning princess’ that moved the world

Nicoletta Braschi is an actress and producer Italian of international fame. Will turn 60 years old in April and is the wife of Roberto Benigni from the 26 December 1991. In the family, the love for cinema has never failed, in fact, also his brother, Gianluigi Braschi, distinguished himself in life as a producer, before dying of a serious illness in 2008, at the age of only 45. Nicoletta Braschi and Roberto Benigni have always been the symbol of this love for the big screen, and also that between them, the glue of a marriage that has lasted for almost 20 years and that stands the test of time with the same intensity.

The incident of Nicoletta Braschi in 2012

So many of the beautiful and ugly moments that they shared, including the terrible car accident that Braschi had on 11 June 2012 and that has left an indelible mark on the face. As she declared to Vanity Fair in a recent interview: “As I told the surgeon that I have made, I made it because I am a wil fight strenuously. Proud first to be so. I feel like a sailor who brings in the face the signs of its businesses”.

Good morning princess manifest a love from Oscar

You can interpret almost all the female characters of the films of Roberto Benigni, receiving the same love, the actor and director of the tuscan has tried in all these years, and managed to pierce the more times the screen, transforming the reality in the fiction. The little devil (1988), Johnny Toothpick (1991), The monster (1994), life is beautiful (1997), Pinocchio (2002) and the tiger and The snow, all your life is beautiful, marked their life, winning an Oscar. The memorable scene of the little Joshua, who comes from a bedside to say mom, how did the father every day, ‘good morning princess‘ has made this sentence a true cry of love and the manifesto of a feeling that has swept the world of world cinema.

Nicoletta Braschi has commented the idea of Roberto Benigni and the joy of having participated in a film so deep, and at the same time delicate, like life is beautiful, “Roberto wrote the screenplay with Vincenzo Cerami. A great idea: the story of a father that prevents your son to try a trauma irreversible. One of the joys of my life is to know that our films to speak at the same time to the simple and the, let’s say, sophisticated. Every day I meet people who say: “I really loved that movie!”; look to the title, and not always is life is beautiful. On the set there was a peculiarity that invested all: a child of five years, which was wonderful to work with. With him he went over himself.”

How they met Nicoletta Braschi and Roberto Benigni

To tell how they met Roberto Benigni, and Nicoletta Braschi is just her, tells how his life has changed after the transfer in the eternal city and the encounter with the man who would become her husband: “After my transfer to Rome, I met Roberto Benigni. He was 28 years old and was already beloved by all. Roberto was and is a great teacher. By then we are fed the same things. He came to meet me at the Academy and we went to the cinema almost every day; when he was in the theatre, too. There we passed the books”. A bond born from ‘dialogues and dense’, which have gradually become the translation of one being, of course, together, holding hands, just as they do every time they parade on a red carpet.