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Nicoletta Romanoff remembers brother: We’ll reunite in an embrace

Remembering Enzo Manfredi

Nicoletta Romanoff remembered her older brother, Enzo Manfredi, on the day of his tragic passing with a tender social post: “The number 26 has marked the months and then slowly the years since your birth in heaven, on May 26th 1997”. “Now that 26 years have passed, I celebrate this anniversary like it was your ‘golden birthday’, with the absolute certainty that one day I will return to that embrace and it will be like going from one room to the other”.

The Strength of Faith

“Faith has grown with me, and I in it”, adds the 1979 born actress, mother of four children, Francesco (23), Gabriele (22), Maria (13) and Anna (5). “Without the certainty of finding each other again, I could never have endured such a strong, deep and totalizing pain. I thank God for taking me in his arms in the hardest moments. Those who remain carry within them the life of those who leave and make it burn like the Olympic torch that must never go out”. It was precisely of faith that she had spoken in February 2020, when she had returned with her mind to that dramatic episode that had overturned her existence: “Until I was 18 I had an apparently perfect life, a beautiful family, I did not know suffering”, she declared in an interview with the Messaggero.

Never Say Never

“You have two choices: either drown or become a swimmer», she added. «The scars remain inside us. Faith has helped me: I am a believer and I become more and more with each difficulty I encounter. But it is my personal path», concluded Nicoletta, who also published two photos of her brother, who had only twenty years old, on Instagram. «No earthly separation will ever be stronger than the love that united us».



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