Nina Zilli welcomes baby Anna Blue!


A New Chapter Begins

Nina Zilli has been a mother for a couple of days, on June 2nd, and is out of her mind with joy. In the last moments before the birth she made irony about her baby bump saying on social media phrases like: “I’m becoming Ciccio Bello. I have Shrek’s hands”. Now the tone is totally different, in fact she melts publishing the photos of Anna Blue, her firstborn daughter born from the relationship with the rapper Danti (in real life Daniele Lazzarin, 41 years old), started in 2021. But not before another joke, a quotation of Fiorello: “We could have called you Republic” (who had spoiled her pregnancy live). After the emoticon of a smile that laughs until tears she writes: “The first moments with us 2 and the last ones before US 3”. Thanks to Roby + Ceci, Angela, all the girls in the delivery room and in the obstetrics and gynecology department of Sant’Anna in Como. Let this journey, which already seems incredible, begin.

Celebrations from the Show Business

A new chapter, in short, for the 43-year-old Piacenza artist who on social media calls herself “ninja” and with all the reasons: she does not only make her voice heard with the songs but also through the social platform that always sees her in the front line as an activist. Nina Zilli, who attended Neffa for a year after seven years of relationship with the musician Riccardo Gibertini, has found a home in every sense. And in fact she publishes a series of black and white images, in which she breastfeeds the little one or we see the little hands of Anna Blue while she sleeps in the crib. Vip wishes arrive in a few minutes, from Michela Giraud to Salvatore Esposito, from Miriam Leone to Cristiana Capotondi, from Rudy Zerbi to Paola Iezzi, from Bianca Atzei to Filippa Lagerback. A wave of hearts from all over the show business, congratulating two very beloved artists.

A Song Dedicated to the New Family

To give the happy announcement the new parents recorded a song with a gospel choir, the violinist Pierpaolo Foti and a really tender comment: “It’s beautiful and it’s fine. Thanks to everyone for the wishes. This is the very first gift for you”. And Danti adds: “In one stroke I dedicated the song to my mother and my daughter. Moreover, I sang it with my girlfriend”. The tone, however, remains carefree with the hilarious parents in sunglasses and beach hat. And a “bella raga” to start off with brio. They took the song Anna by Danti and made it Blue, as the rapper explains, who does not stop smiling next to his companion and the musicians. The song speaks of dreams in the drawer, of perfect days, of a ticket to Hollywood and of eyes looking up to the sky and full of hope.


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