Nunzia Samson after “Temptation”, thanks to Filippo Bisciglia: “you gave Me strength, you are in my heart”

As with any experience that comes to an end, even that Temptation Island has left its mark among its participants. After the episode last revealed to the public what happened to the six pairs, at a distance of one month from the end of the program, here they come, the comments of the interested parties. In addition to the messages explanatory, in which it is spoken of the path, there are those, like Nunzia,Samson, wanted to leave a message for the person deemed essential in this path of feelings, which at the end she separated from the boyfriend Archangel White.

The story of Nunzia and the Archangel

After the second episode last Temptation Island, Nunzia Samson, the ex-girlfriend of an Archangel in White, after he surrendered before the end of his report and he stated that it is increasingly convinced that her ex is not in love with her, think you need a bit of time to be alone. After a life spent to imagine herself at his side, the girl considers that it is right to understand how it really is that Nunzia held for too long in a corner. A new life that awaits them, even if separated, where will need to understand if they are going to stay away or not.

The message of Nunzia is not for Archangel

Nunzia Samson wanted to write a message to thank the one who believed to be the backbone of this experience, which has helped to overcome moments of tension, in addition to deal with the crisis of a relationship that lasted 13 years. This is Filippo Bisciglia, a real beacon, not only for couples, but also for tempting and tempting, a driver, but not only, a figure that with his presence and his availability proved to be essential, for the effective success of the program. Taking a photo he published on Instagram, Nunzia wrote:

You’re special, thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you for having been close, thank you for the strength that you gave me day-to-day. You are in my heart.