“Olivier Marchal altercation with Omar Sy resurfaces after angry outburst”.


Olivier Marchal Denounces Letter Attacking Omar Sy

For several days, a letter has been circulating online, targeting actor Omar Sy with harsh words, signed by director Olivier Marchal. Except that this latter never wrote this missive, accusing the hero of the series Lupin of supporting Nahel, the 17-year-old teenager murdered by the police on May 27th.

Marchal Shares Video on Instagram to Dispel Controversy

On social networks, the filmmaker thus wished to express himself, in a video, to put an end to this controversy of which he was never the author. He shared this sequence on his Instagram account in the hope that it would circulate everywhere. “I hate to do this kind of interventions but I am aware of this kind of ass-burning letter against Omar Sy that is supposedly signed by me, he explains. I just wanted to tell everyone that it was not me who wrote that. That these are people whose attitude and personality I cannot qualify who used my name to allow themselves to say that. If I have something to say to Omar Sy, I will tell him face to face. I have already expressed myself on this subject in Bruce Toussaint’s show, since then I have stopped with all this controversy because it is useless. It only serves to trigger hatred and stupidity. Stupidity, we are right in the middle of it.

Marchal’s Lawyers Take Legal Action Against Manipulators

This letter was certainly inspired by tense exchanges, between Olivier Marchal and Omar Sy, through media dating back to 2020. The director had attacked, on BFMTV, the artists who “vomit” the police, having himself worked for twelve years for the forces of order, including the PJ of Versailles. He had notably reproached his colleague for not paying his taxes in France. Last November, however, the filmmaker had assured the magazine Voici that he would no longer participate in such debates to avoid his four children being “threatened with death”. His lawyers revealed, through a statement, that he was “taking legal action against the authors of this odious manipulation”. His ex-wife Catherine Marchal shared his video on Twitter, since he does not have an account on this social network. “I’m not someone who is so miserable and so mean and so small to write such things, he concludes. And those who use my name should go and get themselves put in.”


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