Olivier Minne : this project is surprising as he prepares for France 2

Olivier Minne is preparing a new show for France 2. The second chain has focused on the remake of a broadcast worship.

Olivier Minne is on all fronts. After a return to tv with the orders of Boyar Land, the host of 52-year-old is preparing another large project on France 2. And as the trend is the revival of the program in worship, according to information of Tv Star, the second string wants to be reborn from its ashes, the issue of hidden cameras, Surprise sur prise. Released at the end of the 80s, the format québécois proposed hoaxes of celebrities. At the end of the small traps, Marcel Béliveau, who died in 2009, who announced the news to the stars. At the time, Enrico Macias, Jean-Pierre Foucault and Patrick Sébastien and Michel Sardou had been victims perfect.

Surprise on the back

According to Tv Star, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Surprise sur prise, France 2 is preparing a new version of the program. And it is Olivier Minne, who will take the commands of the program of entertainment. The production will therefore have to find the intrigue very well-designed to trap new celebrities. It is not yet known if the channel will build on stars who had already been victims of the program. In the meantime, France 2 board also on the new version ofIntercity which will be broadcast next summer.

Bruno Guillon, Valérie Bègue and Olivier Minne will take orders for the 2020 version of the game, produced by nagui (French speacker). Viewers will, however, one small disappointment : the famous milk cows will be removed from this new project. A scandal for the faithful of the show. At least 50 cities have called for a boycott but no problem for France Television, which has chosen to turn to Disneyland Paris.