Olivier Véran : how can the minister of Health saw the estrangement with his children


Olivier Véran is away from her two children, currently confined with their mother. A situation that manages to better the minister of Health.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it is the man that all the French listen to very carefully. What are the gestures barriers or containment : Olivier Véran is there to remind regularly the measures put in place by the government. And if all these major changes have affected the life of all the world, the minister of Health is also first in line. Confined away from his companion, the mp LREM Coralie Dubost, the politician must also support its implementation in the gap with her children. A real tear for him as we can read in the columns of Paris Match. It must be said that the neurologist by profession is a high sensitivity, as revealed Brigitte Bourguignon, who worked with him at the time when he was the rapporteur of the budget of the social Security.

A real dad hen

“She remembers the hours spent side-by-side, and pictures of the children that they were scrolling on their phones. This is the only time where the throat of Olivier Véran is tied, when he speaks of his daughter and his son, 9 years old and 6 years old, ” reveals Paris Match. And its two progenies, the minister of Health has more reviews since last march 15, during the first round of the municipal elections. Returned to Grenoble for a vote, the politician had said goodbye. A final hug before weeks of separation. The magazine even explains that the collaborator Emmanuel Macron has called his children to explain to them the situation. These latter are now confined to their mother, a doctor, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Grenoble, of which Olivier Véran is divorced. But the dad, 39-year-old did not break the link with its children since it discusses “daily ” with them in the video. A difficult situation but a necessary one that we currently live millions of French.


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