Olivier Véran : the promise made to his ex-wife that he has not held

This Wednesday, April 22, is an important day for Olivier Véran, as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. The opportunity to go back on that promise that the minister of Health had made to his first wife. A big commitment that he was finally not able to hold.

In the midst of a crisis of the coronavirus, Olivier Véran became a major figure in the media. Since he has succeeded Agnès Buzyn, the minister of Health is on all fronts to evoke the containment of the French, the pandemic or the return to working life. But far from the Elysée and her many speaking engagements, the politician has also been struggling to cope with this period of confinement. In the columns of Paris Match, it was learned that last march 15, during the first round of the municipal elections, he had had to say goodbye to his daughter and son, aged respectively 9 and 6 years old. These latter have been confined to their mother, a doctor, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Grenoble, of which Olivier Véran is divorced.

A promise not kept

He has now remade his life with the mp LREM Coralie Dubost, Olivier Véran thought of being able to keep the promise he had made to his first wife. As reported by Gala, who has found an interview the minister granted to the site Egora in 2017, the successor of Agnès Buzyn, it did not continue very long career in politics. For the love of the mother of his children, Olivier Véran was to put his ambitions on pause. “It makes the surgery in carcinogenesis bioassays relevant, she works like a crazy, she has guards… It has made concessions professional for three years when I was at the national Assembly and it is ready to repeat today “, had assured Olivier Véran, who celebrates 40 years on Wednesday 22 April.

“In exchange, I pledge not to do politics all my life, he explained. It must be able, also, to have the opportunity to realize his professional activity. “A just return of things for Olivier Véran, grateful for all the sacrifices made by his wife of the time. Now divorced and in a relationship with a politician, the minister of Health has no reason to leave the arena.