Omar Sanchez sends message to Anabel Pantoja in hard times


Anabel Pantoja’s Struggle

Devastated and unable to contain her tears, Anabel Pantoja has been honest with her followers and, in a video published on her social networks, has confessed that “I’m not doing well”. “Nothing is wrong with my health, but there are situations that I am struggling and working to fulfill my dream and it’s amazing how people, to call them something, prevent you from being happy. Above all, for their own interest” she has recognized very affected.

Omar Sánchez’s Support

Worrisome statements about which Europe Press asked her ex-husband, Omar Sánchez, this Friday on his arrival in Seville. Acknowledging that “I haven’t seen anything, really” the surfer -who does not maintain a relationship with Anabel at present- has not hesitated to throw a glove at the influencer and encourage her in these delicate moments: “You have to keep fighting for everyone’s dreams” he told her. The Canarian has been in a relationship with Marina Ruiz for 9 months, whom he met in ‘Pesadilla en el Paraíso’, and prefers not to talk about his ex-wife. He has admitted to being very happy and has not wanted to make any more statements about who he thinks could be that ‘black hand’ that prevents his ex-wife from being happy and achieving her professional goals.

Moving On

This is not the first time he has distanced himself from the influencer and made it clear that he has moved on after their separation in January 2022. When asked about the reports that suggest that Anabel would be distant from both her aunt Isabel Pantoja and her great friend Raquel Bollo, he did pronounce some revealing words that hint that he hopes his ex will overcome this bump: “Enjoy and be happy”.


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