Omar Sy, explains why he moved to Los Angeles

A 42-year-old, Omar Sy will not stop. Has the poster of the Prince Forgot to Michel Hazanavicius, the actor continues his career in the United States. However, it is not for this reason that he wished to settle in Los Angeles.

This is a success story who fantasize more than one. Has the image of Jean Dujardin and Marion Cotillard, Omar Sy is one of the few French actors to make a career in the United States. An american dream realized after the incredible success of the film Intouchables. Césarisé in 2012 for her performance in the skin of a young adjunct of life at the side of François Cluzet, the husband of Helen Sy continues to climb up the ladder in Hollywood. However, nothing presaged such a career for the actor of 42 years, who was particularly well known in the SAV emissions on Canal + in the company of Fred Testot.

An exile in Los Angeles

After you have stopped the tv and be away from his playmate, the new star of the big screen continues its climb. And this year 2020 is already a very prolific to Omar Sy who is the Prince forgot to Michel Hazanavicius, but also in the casting of the Call of the forest with Harrison Ford and Police of Anne Fontaine. The actor also rotates the series Arsene Lupin for Netflix. A busy schedule and especially a successful bet for Omar Sy, who moved to Los Angeles in 2012 , but not necessarily to boost his reputation.

“I’m not gone for my career : I wanted to take a year off because I needed to decline after the Untouchables, he entrusted to the Parisian. It was so huge that I had to think about that. I stopped the tv, I had to decide to do that film or not. “A very good decision to Omar Sy, who is now the frenchy film made in Hollywood.