Ophélie Winter in a Relationship? Singer Sets Record Straight on New Fling


The iconic French musician Ophélie Winter has been a prominent part of the music scene since the 90s. She has also been a host on several television shows, most notably on M6. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the famous show Dance Machine, Ophélie Winter will be the host of the event, 30 Years the Event Evening, which will be broadcast on W9 on Sunday, May 28th, 2023. The channel M6 Group stated in a press release that the show will be held at the Paris Dome and that it will welcome the stars of the dance scene in front of nearly 20,000 people. W9 also specified that Ophélie Winter will take the helm of the most dance and nostalgic event of the year. To promote the event, Ophélie Winter gave an interview to the magazine Télé Poche, published Monday, May 22nd, 2023. During the interview, the singer was asked about the rumors of her relationship with the producer Mickael Chétrit. Ophélie Winter denied the rumors and explained that it is a producer with whom she is working with and that he had invited her to his inauguration party at the Palais des Glaces. She also stated that she is still single, but that she is looking forward to getting married. Ophélie Winter has not yet found the man of her dreams, but she is content with her life as a lone wolf. However, she is willing to try. Let us not forget that Ophélie Winter has been seen in photos with Mickael Chétrit, which seemed to suggest that there was something going on between them.


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