Orca attacks on sailboats: Shocking Video!


Attacks on Sailboats Near the Coast of Gibraltar

An attack on a sailboat near the coast of Gibraltar caused by orcas a few weeks ago set off an alarm. This is the most serious case that has occurred this year, as the boat suffered so much damage that it eventually sank.

Alert for Sailors, Scientists, and Officials

Sailors, scientists and officials of the coasts where the cetaceans have been seen are on alert, since, according to the Atlantic Orca organization, 53 interactions have been detected this year: 12 were attacks and 31 were only sightings.

Experts Explore Theories on Orca Behavior

Experts in these killer whales ignore the exact cause of their behavior, which they claim has been occurring since 2020, but not as serious as now, although they have several theories on this. Some consider that, due to the lack of their main food, tuna, orcas confuse boats with their prey and, for that reason, attack them. Another more widespread option is that the leader of the herd, nicknamed Gladis, was rammed in the past by a boat and this caused her a trauma. That is why the rest of the group (of which 15 members have been detected) imitate Gladis. In any case, according to the co-founder of the Norway Whale Center, Hanne Srager, this behavior could also be due to a game, since its attitude is not aggressive towards humans.


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