Ornella Muti convicted of attempted aggravated fraud and false, and 6 months of imprisonment and a fine of


Ornella Muti was sentenced by the Supreme court to six months imprisonment and 500 euros fine for attempted aggravated fraud, and fake. The verdict of Supreme court validating the decision of the Court of appeal of Trieste on 6 July 2017. The actress you dispute the facts dating back to 2010, when it canceled a show at the Teatro Verdi in Pordenone, saying he was sick, while he was at a gala dinner in Russia, where there were also the Russian president Vladimir Putin and actor Kevin Costner. The sentence of first instance, decided by the Court of Pordenone, included eight months of imprisonment and a fine of 600 euros.

The Second criminal section of the Supreme Court has declared inadmissible the appeal filed by the defense of the actress.The suspended sentence inflicted on the actress is only possible if subordinated to the payment at the Teatro Verdi in Salerno and of a provisionale from 30 thousand euro.


  1. Why did I bother to research Ornella Muti, when such garbage is out there about her?
    Quelle misère… this is a hodgepodge of confusion. senteneced for … and fake ???
    WHO cancelled what show at Teatro Verdi?
    Who is “he” who was in Russia. What part did SHE play.
    WHAT did Ornella Muti DO that they disliked or was illegal or criminal?
    If you are going to write this, at least form complete thoughts !!


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